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noiseless dance party

Turn Up the Music at Palisades Center’s Noiseless Dance Party

On Saturday, July 28th and Sunday, July 29th, Palisades Center is turning up the music with a Noiseless Dance Party Event!

Noiseless Events USA will hosting a free event that will feature a DJ and three different headphones to play music that you want to listen to! A concept developed in Europe, each phone is programmed to a different music channel of a genre and can be volume-controlled. Guests will be able to choose the genre they would like to listen to and join the crowd for this exclusive event!

noiseless event

Noiseless Events is a Switzerland-based company successfully active in events management for more than 10 years and has recently opened a US division in the Tri-State area. The concept is easy to setup, activate, and handle.

Kids dance, and parents can too! The LED lights on the headphones render very special visual effects that will certainly entertain you and your guests without making any noise.

To see the party in action, visit Noiseless Events Facebook page.