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Palisades Center Partners with Cherry Hill Programs and Autism Speaks to Present a Sensory-Friendly Event to Celebrate the Spring Holiday Season

Published: 03/12/2024

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This spring, guests with autism and other sensory differences can enjoy a tradition many families take for granted: visiting the Easter Bunny. Bunny Cares, a program developed by Cherry Hill Programs and Autism Speaks, is hosting a sensory-friendly event at Palisades Center, on Sunday, March 17, from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM.

Sights, sounds and crowds can be overwhelming for some people with autism, who may have sensory differences. At the Bunny Cares event, Cherry Hill Programs and Palisades Center address sensory concerns by offering a photo experience with minimal crowds and ensuring that lighting and music volume are at a comfortable level. To eliminate long wait times, families can reserve timeslot with Bunny, who has received training to understand and support the needs of guests with autism.

“A visit with the Bunny is a tradition that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy,” said Darrin Houseman, General Manager of Palisades Center. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cherry Hill Programs and Autism Speaks to ensure families feel comfortable as they partake in our holiday experiences.”

“We are committed to serving our communities and providing opportunities to enhance experiences that not all people can easily enjoy. With Autism Speaks, we train our staff and Bunny to remain flexible and sensitive to this audience. Simply allowing extra time for each visitor to experience the ultimate Easter tradition is something we’re extremely humbled to provide,” said Chris Landtroop, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Cherry Hill Programs.

A caring mother and Bunny Cares guest shared, “As a single parent of a child with autism, it is difficult to offer my daughter some of the opportunities that other children have access to. With your support, she was able to enjoy a special moment that I will cherish forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing my little girl to experience the magic of the Easter Bunny.”

Guests of all ages and abilities are welcome. While visits are free, photo packages are available for purchase. To register for Palisades Center’s sensory-friendly event, visit whereisbunny.com.

For details on Palisades Center’s spring events and guest experiences, visit palisadescenter.com/events and follow @palisadescntr on Instagram.

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