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Autobahn Indoor Speedway Now Open!

Published: 03/04/2016

Get ready to start your engines!   Autobahn Indoor Speedway opens today: Friday, March 4th, at Palisades Center, bringing the excitement and fun of real racing to everyone.

According to Autobahn’s Managing Partner, David Larson, “Indoor kart racing has been popular in Europe for many years and has recently found a strong following on the West Coast of the United States.  Autobahn Indoor Speedway is extremely excited to be bringing the first European-style indoor electric kart racing facility to the West Nyack area.”

At Autobahn Indoor Speedway, everyone can be a race driver and feel the rush of being behind the wheel of Italian-made adult racing karts that approach speeds of 50 mph.  The speedway utilizes zero-emission electric karts that accelerate faster than their noisier, gas-powered counterparts.

“These are not the slow, rattling ‘ go carts’ you may be used to as a kid”, says Larson. “Our karts are the highest performance available, state of the art and built for safety.  One of the first things people notice is the torque of our electric motors – that acceleration is amazing!  The handling is also top of the line with hydraulic disc brakes, a rear differential and competition style racing tires.”

The company, which will have a total of nine tracks on the East Coast by April, provides racing techniques instruction to newbies and offers competitive leagues to more seasoned drivers.   There are even Junior Karts (with a little slower speeds) suitable for the younger crowd if they are at least 48″ tall.

Since the speedway is indoors, the weather is not a factor.  The indoor facility is heated/cooled and kept at a comfortable temperature year round.  Sodas and snacks are available for refreshment between races.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway offers the popular “Arrive & Drive” race format, assigning racers to one of the upcoming races and requiring no reservations.  Up to 10 drivers will compete in each race to set the fastest lap times.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway is a fun and exciting place for company outings, social groups and birthday parties.  Various group race packages are designed to meet the needs of most events but a custom package can be arranged (including private full facility rentals).  Groups have reserved race times, exclusive use of the track during their races and they can compete individually or in teams.