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Arts Council of Rockland Summer Gallery

Host: Arts Council of Rockland

Date: July 30, 2021 - September 30, 2021

The Hidden Treasure Gallery features local artists from the Arts Council Of Rockland. Located on Level One near Macy’s. The current exhibit will run until October 1, 2021, featuring works from local ACOR artists:

Joyce Byrnes (Pastels Artist):
As a pastel landscape artist, I am fascinated with the way light plays off the colors and textures in nature. I use the pure pigments in soft pastels to convey the beauty, poetry and drama found in the natural world.

Trine Giaever (Painter):
I would describe most of my art as landscape, even though I learned how to really paint at a strict “old masters” figure painting graduate school. I see the landscape as a more direct means of creating a mood. I am painting the light and color to match the feeling the landscape is giving off.

David D’Ostilio (Sculptor):
My current body of work consists of objects that exist at the intersection of the mystical, ecological and the technological. Stories and mythology give us purpose, yet it is our objects that tell the human story. Our artifacts contain our history and define our aesthetic. We look to nature for solutions of both beauty and utility, It is this convergence which interests me.

B.A. D’Alessandro (Sculptor):
When working on a piece, I think of Plato’s quote, “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity.” Although he was speaking to music, it is the goal I am trying to achieve in each sculpture. The design may seem uncomplicated but at second glance something different may be seen. Art can sometimes intimidate the public; I want the viewer to feel comfortable and to enjoy looking at the piece. Hoping each time they come back to it, they see something new.

Jennifer Massenet (Multi-Media Artist):
Through mediums of painting, photography, abstract art and sculpture, I explore the meanings and trauma instilled in the black body. The concepts of my work become interwoven within the mediums to design a space of feelings and deep experience. By using the history of the black body, cultural and religious tropes, I am able to exhibit the black body in the present time.

All works are available for purchase, unless otherwise noted. All sales can be coordinated directly with the artist.