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American Colosseum Wrestling Event

Host: Palisades Center

Date: March 26, 2022

American Colosseum Wrestling (ACW), a sports attraction company dedicated to providing fun and excitement for all ages, is partnering with Palisades Center to deliver a live fundraiser to benefit Blank-Fest, an organization dedicated to providing blankets for the homeless. The event is this Saturday, March 26, in the East Court on Level One, near H&M, starting at 2:00 p.m. 

Guests in attendance will see eight matches featuring impressive athletes, including former ACW champion Kenny Bengal, former WWE NXT Superstar Bull James, villainous ACW Champion Dan DeMan, Rockland’s own The Amazing Graysons, and Anthony Markos. Athletes will thrill audiences with bold, fast-paced displays of high-flying athleticism, technical ability, and professional-level wrestling skills. SiriusXM radio host & former WWE/ECW superstar Tommy Dreamer will also appear. The event will offer live music performances by NY-based Manic Kat records. 

The event is free, and Blank-Fest representatives will collect donations throughout the event. Since its inception, founder Kenn Rowell estimates that Blank-Fest has collected over 10,000 blankets for the homeless, increasing every year. Blank-Fest has risen steadily in exposure through local radio and the press, including featured articles in the New York Daily News and mentions in the New York Post. For more information on Blank-Fest, visit www.blankfest.org.