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Regular Hours

  • Monday - Thursday10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Friday - Saturday10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
  • Sunday11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Team Member

Ben & Jerry's


POSITION: Team Member
REPORTS TO: Assistant Manager, Manager, Owner

To provide great service to customers and maintain a clean and friendly store to which patrons
want to return. Make customers happy!

1. Maintain knowledge of flavors, products and Ben & Jerry’s history
a. Know all menu item recipes and how to make them
2. Meet all customer needs
a. Prepare and serve all orders (cups, cones, drinks, sundae’s, etc.)
b. Answer questions
c. Provide great customer service
3. Understand basic register procedures
a. Clocking-in/out
b. Ringing up orders
c. Credit card charges
4. Prepare basic menu items
a. Waffle cones
b. Baked goods
5. Cakes
a. Take accurate orders
b. Make and decorate cakes
6. Maintain well stocked and organized store
a. Refill dip cases and other food containers
b. Re-stock paper goods and supplies
c. Put away deliveries in proper place
7. Maintain clean store environment
a. Clean counters and cabinets
b. Dishwashing and utensil cleaning
c. Sweep and mop floor
d. Keep all glass clean (dip cases and windows)
e. De-frost dip cases
f. Empty garbage cans
8. Coordinate the on-line duties of the scoop shop staff for their shift, ranging from 1 to 7
a. Writing a To Do list for the shift
b. Keeping staff productive
c. Scheduling breaks
d. Coaching great customer service
e. Assigning table runs to keep the store clean
f. Completing the Opening/Closing Checklist and walk thru with staff
9. Ensure customer satisfaction by role modeling the practices of friendly, timely service and
proper product handling for their shift.
10. Adhere to all policies
a. On-time for work (in uniform, behind counter at the time you are scheduled to work)
b. Dress requirements (clean B&J shirt and hat, clean khaki pants or shorts, socks and
c. Personal Appearance (long hair tied back, no visible piercings or tattoos, clean shaven,
no excess jewelry)
d. No smoking in or around store (no clocking in smelling like cigarettes)

*Must be 16 years or older to apply.