Mall Directory

Name Category Phone Map Location
4U House Of Fitted Caps Specialty 845.348.6323 A3
7D Turbo Ride IMDEEPXP Entertainment 845-535-1002 E2
99 Cents & Beyond Home 845.348.3600 H2
A'gaci Shoes 845 353-3148 D2
Abercrombie & Fitch Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845.348.9108 G2
Abercrombie & Fitch Fashion - Men's 845.348.9108 G2
Abercrombie & Fitch Fashion - Women's 845.348.9108 G2
Abercrombie Kids Fashion - Children's 845.348.7044 G2
Accessorize Jewelry 845-675-8236 B4
Aerie by American Eagle Specialty 845.358.3827 B2
Aeropostale Fashion - Children's, Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845.358.2087 B2
Aeropostale Fashion - Children's 845.358.2087 B2
Aeropostale Fashion - Men's 845.358.2087 B2
Aeropostale Fashion - Women's 845.358.2087 B2
Aerosoles Shoes, Specialty 845.348.9194 F2
Aerosoles Shoes 845.348.9194 F2
Aerosoles Specialty 845.348.9194 F2
Against All Odds Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845.348.0454 A3
Against All Odds Fashion - Men's 845.348.0454 A3
Against All Odds Fashion - Women's 845.348.0454 A3
Aldo Accessories, Shoes 845.358.0332 B2
Aldo Accessories 845.358.0332 B2
Aldo Shoes 845.358.0332 B2
Alter Native Specialty 845.353.5350 D1
AMC Theatres ThEATery 845.348.1882 G4
American Eagle Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845.353.4897 B2
American Eagle Fashion - Men's 845.353.4897 B2
American Eagle Fashion - Women's 845.353.4897 B2
Ann Taylor Accessories, Shoes 845.348.1152 D1
Ann Taylor Accessories 845.348.1152 D1
Ann Taylor Shoes 845.348.1152 D1
Art of Shaving, The Specialty 845.875.4463 B1
As Seen on TV Specialty 845.348.1089 E3
AT&T Electronics & Entertainment 845.358.5140 H1
A|X Armani Exchange Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845.348.1167 F1
A|X Armani Exchange Fashion - Men's 845.348.1167 F1
A|X Armani Exchange Fashion - Women's 845.348.1167 F1
Baby Gap Fashion - Children's 845.358.8381 G2
Back Stage Specialty 845.727.4909 C4
Bare Minerals Health & Beauty 845.353.1394 D1
Barnes & Noble Books, Cards & Gifts 845.348.4701 B4
Bath & Body Works Home 845.358.0658 C1
Bath & Body Works II Home 845.358.1674/5 F3
BCBGMAXAZRIA Accessories, Fashion - Women's 845.353.2224 C1
BCBGMAXAZRIA Accessories 845.353.2224 C1
BCBGMAXAZRIA Fashion - Women's 845.353.2224 C1
Bed, Bath & Beyond Home 845.348.9371 Please see map
Best Buy Electronics & Entertainment 845.358.3989 Please see map
Billy Beez Entertainment 845-535-9277 A1
BJ's Wholesale Club Home, Personal & Professional Services, Specialty, Toys & Hobbies 845.353.9312 Please see map
BJ's Wholesale Club Home 845.353.9312 Please see map
BJ's Wholesale Club Personal & Professional Services 845.353.9312 Please see map
BJ's Wholesale Club Specialty 845.353.9312 Please see map
BJ's Wholesale Club Toys & Hobbies 845.353.9312 Please see map
Bronte Fashion - Men's 845.358.8881 H2
Brookstone Electronics & Entertainment, Entertainment, Fashion - Children's, Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's, Food Court, Health & Beauty, Home 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Electronics & Entertainment 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Entertainment 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Fashion - Children's 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Fashion - Men's 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Fashion - Women's 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Food Court 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Health & Beauty 845.358.1367 B1
Brookstone Home 845.358.1367 B1
Buffalo Wild Wings ThEATery 845.480.7344 D4
Build A Bear Workshop Books, Cards & Gifts, Specialty 845.353.1895 E3
Build A Bear Workshop Books, Cards & Gifts 845.353.1895 E3
Build A Bear Workshop Specialty 845.353.1895 E3
Burger King Food Court 845.353.6448 Food Court- L3
Burlington Coat Factory Department Stores, Home, Jewelry, Maternity, Shoes 845.353.3945 A3
Burlington Coat Factory Department Stores 845.353.3945 A3
Burlington Coat Factory Home 845.353.3945 A3
Burlington Coat Factory Jewelry 845.353.3945 A3
Burlington Coat Factory Maternity 845.353.3945 A3
Burlington Coat Factory Shoes 845.353.3945 A3
C & C Market Research Personal & Professional Services 845.348.6201 E4
Call It Spring Shoes 845-358-1851 F2
Camille La Vie Jewelry, Specialty 845-263-2222 F1
Camille La Vie Jewelry 845-263-2222 F1
Camille La Vie Specialty 845-263-2222 F1
Carousel Food Court 845.353.2595 Food Court- L3
Champs Sports & Specialties 845.353.9831 D3
Charley's Grilled Subs Food Court 845.348.1501 Level 3 - Food Court
Charlotte Russe Accessories 845.348.1192 D3
Chic Boutique Fashion - Women's 845.358.1840 J3
Children's Place, The Fashion - Children's 845.353.6555 E3
Chili's Grill & Bar ThEATery 845.353.9774 C4
China Max Food Court 845.358.6222 Food Court- L3
Chipotle Restaurants & Eateries 845-512-7056 H4
Claire's Boutiques Jewelry, Specialty 845.348.9339 H3
Claire's Boutiques Jewelry 845.348.9339 H3
Claire's Boutiques Specialty 845.348.9339 H3
Clarks Shoes 845-358-0186 D1
Coco Moka Cafe Restaurants & Eateries 845.353.2289 C1
Cohen's Fashion Optical Personal & Professional Services 845.358.9001 F2
Cold Stone Creamery Restaurants & Eateries 845.348.3238 B4
Cortefiel Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845-675-8235 G1
Cortefiel Fashion - Men's 845-675-8235 G1
Cortefiel Fashion - Women's 845-675-8235 G1
Cotton On Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845-353-2352 B2
Cotton On Fashion - Men's 845-353-2352 B2
Cotton On Fashion - Women's 845-353-2352 B2
Crazy 8 Fashion - Children's 845.353.2840 Level 3
Crepes Celeste Restaurants & Eateries 845-358-3333 B2
Crocs Shoes 845-358-1440 F3
Customer Service 845.348.1000 C1- across from The Cheesecake Factory
Dave & Buster's ThEATery 845.353.1555 E4
Delia's Accessories 845.358.3631 D2
DICK'S Sporting Goods Sports & Specialties 845-353-1086 B2 & B3
Disney Store, The Specialty 845.348.9262 D3
DSW Shoe Warehouse Accessories, Shoes, Specialty 845.727.7907 F3
DSW Shoe Warehouse Accessories 845.727.7907 F3
DSW Shoe Warehouse Shoes 845.727.7907 F3
DSW Shoe Warehouse Specialty 845.727.7907 F3
DTLR Shoes 845-358-6141 D3
Dunkin' Donuts Restaurants & Eateries 845-358-6073 J3
East Japanese ThEATery 845.348.1121 C4
EB (Gamestop) Toys & Hobbies 845.348.3698 B4
Elevation Burger ThEATery 845.727.1100 C4
Express Accessories 845.358.1089 B2
EZ Cosmetic Health & Beauty 845.358.0358 A2
Famous Footwear Shoes 845-358-1895 E3
Fenix Specialty 845.348.7700 G1
Ferris Wheel Food Court 845.353.2596 Food Court- L3
Finish Line Shoes 845.353.3320 H2
Foot Locker Shoes 845.353.4951 B2
Forever 21 Fashion - Children's, Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845-358-1793 H3 & F4
Forever 21 Fashion - Children's 845-358-1793 H3 & F4
Forever 21 Fashion - Men's 845-358-1793 H3 & F4
Forever 21 Fashion - Women's 845-358-1793 H3 & F4
Francesca's Collections Fashion - Women's, Jewelry 845-358-1205 F2
Francesca's Collections Fashion - Women's 845-358-1205 F2
Francesca's Collections Jewelry 845-358-1205 F2
Fuzziwigs Candy Factory Specialty 845.358.3262 E3
G by Guess Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845-358-1326 A2
G by Guess Fashion - Men's 845-358-1326 A2
G by Guess Fashion - Women's 845-358-1326 A2
Gap Body Specialty 845.348.0358 G2
Gap Kids Fashion - Children's 845.358.6658 G2
Gap Men Fashion - Men's 845.348.0358 G2
Gap Women Fashion - Women's 845.348.0061 G2
Garage Accessories 845.353.1563 F1
GEOX Shoes 845.348.0470 D2
Glamour Shots Specialty 845-875-9050 H1
Glowing Candle Home, Specialty 845.348.1898 E2
Glowing Candle Home 845.348.1898 E2
Glowing Candle Specialty 845.348.1898 E2
GNC Health & Beauty 845.358.5750 H3
Gold Mine Jewelers Jewelry 845.353.4653 B2
Gusset Fashion - Women's 845.353.2222 E2
Gymboree Fashion - Children's 845.358.5336 E3
H&M Accessories 845.727.1958 F1
Haagen Dazs Restaurants & Eateries 845.353.0750 H3
Hallmark Books, Cards & Gifts 845.358.4745 3C
Hollister Co. Accessories, Shoes 845.348.9573 H2
Hollister Co. Accessories 845.348.9573 H2
Hollister Co. Shoes 845.348.9573 H2
Home Depot Home 845.348.0566 Please see map
Hot Topic Accessories, Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's, Shoes 845.353.1985 H3
Hot Topic Accessories 845.353.1985 H3
Hot Topic Fashion - Men's 845.353.1985 H3
Hot Topic Fashion - Women's 845.353.1985 H3
Hot Topic Shoes 845.353.1985 H3
House of Hoops Shoes 845-353-4951 B2
IHOP Restaurants & Eateries 845-875-9060 H4
ILY Fashion - Women's 845-358-1900 G2
IMAX ThEATery 845.348.1882 H4
Jamba Juice Restaurants & Eateries 845.353.1385 B4
JC Penney Department Stores 845.348.0382 (opt 6) Level 3
Jennyfer Fashion - Women's 845-675-8234 C3
Joe's Crab Shack Restaurants & Eateries 845-727-1550 H4
Johnny Rockets Restaurants & Eateries 845.348.9343 F2
Journeys Shoes 845.358.0621 C3
Justice & Brothers Fashion - Children's 845.353.4628 D3
Katie Fashion - Women's 845.425.1688 G1
Kay Jewelers Jewelry 845.348.9098 H1
KFC Food Court N/A Food Court- L3
Kids Foot Locker Shoes 845.353.6853 A1
Lady Foot Locker Shoes 845.353.6819 D2
Lane Bryant Fashion - Women's 845.875.7290 D2
LEGO Toys & Hobbies 845.358.2222 C3
Lenscrafters Specialty 845.358.7186 E2
Levity Live Comedy Club & Dinner Entertainment 845-353-5400 H4
Lids Accessories 845.348.1574 H3
Lipsy London Fashion - Women's 845-675-8237 C3
Little Tokyo Food Court 845.353.1350 Food Court- L3
Littman Jewelers Jewelry 845.358.5350 C2
LOFT Accessories, Fashion - Women's 845.358.2942 G2
LOFT Accessories 845.358.2942 G2
LOFT Fashion - Women's 845.358.2942 G2
Lord & Taylor Department Stores 845.353.6440 Please see map
Lost & Found 845-348-1010 Food Court behind Wendy's
Lucky Strike Lanes ThEATery 845.358.1602. D4
Macy's Department Stores 845.358.7990 Please see map
MasterCuts Health & Beauty, Specialty 845.353.4234 A2
MasterCuts Health & Beauty 845.353.4234 A2
MasterCuts Specialty 845.353.4234 A2
McDonald's Restaurants & Eateries 845.358.0647 C4
Modell's 845.348.9800 Please see map
Mome Jewelry 845.353.6663 D1
Monsoon Fashion - Children's, Fashion - Women's 845-535-9276 D1
Monsoon Fashion - Children's 845-535-9276 D1
Monsoon Fashion - Women's 845-535-9276 D1
Mr. Smoothie Restaurants & Eateries 845.348.9600 Food Court- L3
Nail Pro & Spa Specialty 845-358-5880 H1
Nathan's Food Court 845.348.1640 Food Court- L3
National Luggage Specialty 845.353.1315 D3
Neelam's Boutique Fashion - Women's 845.353.4177 E1
New York & Company Accessories, Fashion - Women's 845.348.0039 D2
New York & Company Accessories 845.348.0039 D2
New York & Company Fashion - Women's 845.348.0039 D2
New Yorker Accessories, Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845-535-9279 F1
New Yorker Accessories 845-535-9279 F1
New Yorker Fashion - Men's 845-535-9279 F1
New Yorker Fashion - Women's 845-535-9279 F1
NYSC - New York Sports Club Specialty 845.358.1818 G3
Old Navy Accessories, Department Stores, Fashion - Children's, Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845.348.0994 G1
Old Navy Accessories 845.348.0994 G1
Old Navy Department Stores 845.348.0994 G1
Old Navy Fashion - Children's 845.348.0994 G1
Old Navy Fashion - Men's 845.348.0994 G1
Old Navy Fashion - Women's 845.348.0994 G1
Outback Steakhouse Restaurants & Eateries, ThEATery 845.353.0707 A4
Outback Steakhouse Restaurants & Eateries 845.353.0707 A4
Outback Steakhouse ThEATery 845.353.0707 A4
Oyishi Japan Food Court 845.727.0955 Food Court- L3
Pac Sun Shoes, Specialty 845.358.4361 J3
Pac Sun Shoes 845.358.4361 J3
Pac Sun Specialty 845.358.4361 J3
Palisades Art & Frame Home, Specialty 845.348.9038 A1
Palisades Art & Frame Home 845.348.9038 A1
Palisades Art & Frame Specialty 845.348.9038 A1
Palisades Barber Specialty 845.353.1119 F3
Palisades Climb Adventure Entertainment 845-727-3500 D4
Palisades Dental Specialty 845.353.3350 Food Court- L3
Palisades Ice Rink ThEATery 845.353.4855 Please see map
Palisades Newsstand Specialty 845.438.0500 Food Court
Palisades Postal Store Specialty 845.727.4081 A3
Pandora Jewelry 845.353.9850 F2
Papaya Fashion - Women's 845.358.3500 C3
Papyrus Books, Cards & Gifts 845-348-1670 E2
Payless Shoe Source Shoes 845.348.4761 A3
Penzeys Spices Specialty 845.353.2677 H1
Perfumania Specialty 845.353.1609 A1
Perfume Collections Specialty 845-353-2909 H3
Perfume Romance Specialty 845.348.6496 F2
Piercing Pagoda Jewelry 845-358-3060 B1
Popeyes Food Court 845-358-0952 Food Court- L3
Pretzel Maker Restaurants & Eateries 845.348.9150 G2
Promod Fashion - Women's 845-535-5672 D1
PS from Aero Fashion - Children's 845.348.8808 D3
Radio Shack Electronics & Entertainment 845.348.0238 H1
Red Robin Restaurants & Eateries 845-358-1908 H4
Romeo Nails Spa Specialty 845.348.8759 C2
Ruum Fashion - Children's 845. 358.1988 D3
Sacha Specialty 845.353.2166 B4
Saladworks Food Court 845.358.8033 Food Court- L3
Security Office Personal & Professional Services 845-348-1010 Food Court behind Wendy's
Select Comfort Home, Specialty 845.348.1780 H1
Select Comfort Home 845.348.1780 H1
Select Comfort Specialty 845.348.1780 H1
Sephora Health & Beauty 845.353.1033 G1
SHI by Journeys Shoes 845.348.1547 A3
Skechers Shoes 845.353.7393 Level 1- Across from H&M
Social Apparel Fashion - Women's 845-358-8200 C1
Solstice Sunglass Boutique Specialty 845.358.8585 B1
Sossi Formals Specialty 845-358-7600 A2
Spencer's Specialty 845.358.3562 A2
Sports Authority Sports & Specialties 845.348.8853 H2
Sprint Corp Electronics & Entertainment 845.353.2223 A2
Sprint Store by iMobile Electronics & Entertainment 845-353-3480 F2
Staples Specialty 845.353.3774 Please see map
Starbucks Restaurants & Eateries 845.727.7278 H2
Stat Health Specialty 845.358.7828 A2
Steve Madden Shoes 845.348.7026 F1
Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill Restaurants & Eateries, ThEATery 845.727.2002 G4
Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill Restaurants & Eateries 845.727.2002 G4
Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill ThEATery 845.727.2002 G4
Stride Rite Shoes 845.727.5062 G3
Subway Food Court 845.353.2204 Food Court - Ferris Wheel side
Sunglass Hut Accessories, Specialty 845.353.1238 F1
Sunglass Hut Accessories 845.353.1238 F1
Sunglass Hut Specialty 845.353.1238 F1
Swarovski Jewelry 845.353.1806 G1
T-Mobile Electronics & Entertainment 845.358.8500 F2
T-Mobile Corporate Electronics & Entertainment 845.358.7000 Food Court- L3
Taco Bell Food Court 845.353.3600 Food Court - Ferris Wheel side
Target Department Stores 845.348.6440 Please see map
TCBY Restaurants & Eateries 845.348.9150 G2
Teavana Specialty 845-353-2497 D2
TGI Friday's ThEATery 845.348.1185 G4
The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants & Eateries 845.727.1000 C1
The Walking Company Shoes 845.348.1713 D1
Thomas Kinkade Galleries Home, Specialty 845.358.0006 E1
Thomas Kinkade Galleries Home 845.358.0006 E1
Thomas Kinkade Galleries Specialty 845.358.0006 E1
Tony Roma's Restaurants & Eateries, ThEATery 845.353.8679 Level 4- Located in the Target Wing
Tony Roma's Restaurants & Eateries 845.353.8679 Level 4- Located in the Target Wing
Tony Roma's ThEATery 845.353.8679 Level 4- Located in the Target Wing
Torrid Fashion - Women's 845.353.6305 G2
Traffic Shoes Shoes 845.358.4710 F2
Uniqlo Accessories, Fashion - Children's, Fashion - Men's, Fashion - Women's 845-875-7391 E1
Uniqlo Accessories 845-875-7391 E1
Uniqlo Fashion - Children's 845-875-7391 E1
Uniqlo Fashion - Men's 845-875-7391 E1
Uniqlo Fashion - Women's 845-875-7391 E1
USA Dog & Pet Shop Specialty 845-499-9276 H1
Valet Parking (Laz Parking) Personal & Professional Services, Specialty Saturdays & Sundays Only Underground Parking
Valet Parking (Laz Parking) Personal & Professional Services Saturdays & Sundays Only Underground Parking
Valet Parking (Laz Parking) Specialty Saturdays & Sundays Only Underground Parking
Vans Accessories, Shoes 845.348.1059 Level 3 - Next to JC Penney
Vans Accessories 845.348.1059 Level 3 - Next to JC Penney
Vans Shoes 845.348.1059 Level 3 - Next to JC Penney
Verizon Wireless Electronics & Entertainment 845.348.9486 F2
Victoria's Secret Accessories, Fashion - Women's 845.358.1369 B1
Victoria's Secret Accessories 845.358.1369 B1
Victoria's Secret Fashion - Women's 845.358.1369 B1
Vitamin World Specialty 845.353.9779 E3
Wendy's Food Court 845.727.1123 Food Court- L3
Wet Seal Accessories, Fashion - Women's 845.348.4737 G1
Wet Seal Accessories 845.348.4737 G1
Wet Seal Fashion - Women's 845.348.4737 G1
Wetzels Pretzels Restaurants & Eateries 845.348.8789 C1, H1, C3
White House/Black Market Accessories, Fashion - Women's 845.348.9875 C1
White House/Black Market Accessories 845.348.9875 C1
White House/Black Market Fashion - Women's 845.348.9875 C1
Xios Fashion - Men's 845.358.5888 Level 2
Yankee Candle Home 845.358.2440 H3
Yard House Restaurants & Eateries, ThEATery 845-348-1528 B4
Yard House Restaurants & Eateries 845-348-1528 B4
Yard House ThEATery 845-348-1528 B4
Yogen Fruz Restaurants & Eateries 845.727.1515 B2
Yogibo Specialty 845.358.5868 A1
Zales Jewelry 845.353.0886 G2
Zumiez Accessories, Shoes 845.353.5417 H3
Zumiez Accessories 845.353.5417 H3
Zumiez Shoes 845.353.5417 H3

AMC Loews Stadium 21

Phone: 845-348-1876

Location: Level 4 ThEATery

Check movie times & buy tickets



IMAX Theater

Phone: 845-348-4629

Location: Level 4 ThEATery

Check movie times & buy tickets



 Phone: 845-727-3500

Location: Level 4 ThEATery

 More Information



Phone: 845-353-1555

Location: Level 4 ThEATery

More Information


Phone: 845-353-5400

Location: Level 4 ThEATery

More Information




Lucky Strike Bowling Alley & Lounge

Phone: 845-358-1602

Location: Level 4 ThEATery

More Information






Location: Level 3 Food Court


Ferris Wheel

Phone: 845-353-2596

Location: Level 3 Food Court


Ice Rink

Phone: 845-353-4855

Location: Level 4


The Cheesecake Factory

Phone: 845-727-1000                                                                        

The Cheesecake Factory created the upscale casual dining segment in 1978 with the opening of its first restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA. More than 35 years later, The Cheesecake Factory is known across the globe for its extensive and creative menu, generous portions, distinctive décor and legendary desserts. With more than 250 menu selections – all handmade, in-house with fresh ingredients and more than 50 signature cheesecakes and desserts, there is truly “something for everyone” at The Cheesecake Factory. 




Phone: 845-353-9774                                                                       


Chili’s Grill & Bar is a leading casual dining restaurant chain with a fun and energetic atmosphere where family and friends can gather over a delicious meal. The Chili’s menu has grown to offer a variety of Southwestern-inspired, classic American and international tastes. The menu is highlighted by Big Mouth Burgers, Sizzling Fajitas and signature Baby Back Ribs and also includes a variety of delicious appetizers, sandwiches and salads. The full-service bar serves up Chili’s signature margaritas, such as the Presidente Margarita and the world’s leading beverage brands. 

Elevation Burger

Phone: 845-727-1100

Elevation Burger’s vision is to be much more than just a burger restaurant. It is a vision for an elevated product that is fresh and flavorful because it is made of the highest quality ingredients. It is a vision for authentic, sustainable prepared food that is better for you and better for the environment.


It is a vision for an elevated experience in a well-appointed and environmentally friendly setting. It is a vision for 100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass-fed, 100% free-range, 100% ground-on-premises beef. Enjoy fresh-cut fries cooked in 100% heart-healthy olive oil. For dessert, try the hand-scooped shakes and malts or fresh-baked cookies.



Phone: 845-875-9060                                                 


IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is a United States–based restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods. While IHOP's focus is on breakfast foods such as pancakes, French toast, and omelets, it also offers a menu of lunch and dinner items. 





Joe’s Crab Shack

Phone: 845-727-1550


Joe's Crab Shack is an American chain of beach-themed seafood casual dining restaurants.
Founded in Houston, Texas, the restaurant now operates locations all across the United States of America. It serves seafood and American cuisine. The restaurants also have a gift shop that sells facetious t-shirts featuring phrases advertising Joe's seafood choices.




Johnny Rockets

Phone: 845-348-9343


As with the nearly 300 Johnny Rockets restaurants around the world, the Palisades Center restaurant offers flavorful fare and friendly service in an ambiance reminiscent of feel-good Americana.  Along with juicy Hamburgers, crispy American Fries (served with a ketchup smiley face), hand-spun Shakes and classic Sandwiches. Everyone deserves a place where they can escape the stress of the day and go back to a time of food, fun and music rolled into one. Enjoy the jukebox while eating or get a live act if you're lucky!


Outback Steakhouse

Phone: 845-353-0707


Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed steakhouse restaurant. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes. The Company's strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback.


Red Robin

Phone: 845-358-1908


Founded in 1969, Red Robin is a casual dining restaurant chain focused on serving an imaginative selection of high quality Gourmet Burgers in a family-friendly atmosphere.


Stir Crazy

Phone: 845-727-2002


Prepared from scratch with no added MSG and minimal oil, Stir Crazy's menu features appetizers, entrees, desserts and its Market Bar, where diners can create their own wok-tossed dishes from more than 20 fresh ingredients and eight sauces. A Stir Crazy highlight is the full-service bar featuring an extensive drink menu with a list of 35 quality and award-winning wines available by the glass or bottle. Beer, sake and signature drinks are also available. Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill is an exciting taste destination!





Texas de Brazil



 Texas de Brazil’s story begins in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Living the cattle rancher’s life and feasting in the traditional rodizio style native to this region, one of the partners had visions of bringing this culture north to the United States. The unique concept offers diners a parade of meats and an extravagant seasonal salad area. After years of hoping and dreaming, this rodizio vision became a reality. The destination of choice was no other than the cattle man's land ... Texas. Settling in Texas, it was apt that this unique style brought from Brazil be combined with the hospitality that is indigenous to the lone star state. Combining the culture and feast of Brazil with the service and class of the states, Texas de Brazil emerged. Texas de Brazil is family owned and operated and continues to expand both domestically and internationally to bring the Brazilian Steakhouse dining experience to new and exciting geographical locations.


T.G.I. Friday’s

Phone: 845-348-1185


T.G.I. Friday's restaurants offer authentic American food and exciting drinks in an atmosphere that provides an energizing Friday feeling any day of the week. Friday's guest recognition program, Give Me More Stripes, rewards loyal guests with great deals and fun events year-round, creating an engaging customer experience. As the original casual dining restaurant, TGI Fridays differentiates itself with a unique point of view which promises to exhilarate its guests with the feeling of Friday. TGI Fridays believes in the importance of acting responsibly, and as a result its Responsible Business Program is focused on positively impacting the economic and environmental well-being of the communities and neighborhoods in which it operates.


Tony Roma’s

Phone: 845-353-8679


Tony Roma’s is a full service, casual dining family restaurant where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks in locations across the world. With over 150 family restaurant locations on six continents, Tony Roma’s is one of the most globally recognizable names in the industry. From Miami to Los Angeles, Orlando to Edmonton, and Tokyo to Madrid, Tony Roma’s serves its signature BBQ ribs, world famous onion loaf, and other steak, chicken and seafood entrees to thousands of guests every day. 


Yard House

Phone: 845-348-1528


The award-winning and extensive menu of American fusion cuisine features more than 130 items including appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, street tacos, grilled burgers, individual-size pizzas, seafood, steaks and ribs. The Kids Klub menu includes fresh-to-order favorites including a selection of healthy items for the Yard House pint-size guest. The lively environment is created by colorful abstract artwork, classic rock music and flat screens in every direction showcasing the day's news and sporting events. Yard House is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or gather your family for dinner

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AMC Loews
Stadium 21

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